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  • Sophie Eastop-Scopes

Why Wix?

At Eastop-Scopes Virtual Assistants we offer development, update and maintenance of Wix websites; and one of the most common questions we get asked is why we choose to work with Wix in particular.

Here are my top reasons why we use Wix; why we specialise in creating Wix websites for small business owners, what to expect, what to accept and when to consider growing.

Full control over ownership

With a Wix website you can manage every element of your website package under one roof. You can change all elements of your template, add anything, with no limitations added on by third-party developers. You can add, remove and create as you wish; so that your website can grow with your business. With over 800 templates to choose from, there is always a template to suit your personality, business and market.

No coding knowledge needed

There are 2 ways of developing a Wix website; via Wix Editor and Wix ADI. Both are automatically included in your website package and you can alternate between the two (although be mindful that changes in Wix Editor may not transfer if changing to Wix ADI). Wix ADI is perfect for those who are not confident creating websites. Wix ADI is basically a pre-populated template where you can go in and fill in the bits you want. Simply tell Wix (via an online questionnaire) what you want, your market, etc and they will create a site for you to play with. Wix Editor is more of a blank canvas and so can be slightly more technical. Either way, there is an option for everyone. Both options do not require any coding knowledge, but for a more bespoke look we always recommend Wix Editor (and this is what we use to create your website).


Many start-up businesses can't afford to invest in big-scale Wordpress websites. For a premium Wix website and domain, you'll often be looking at under £200 a year; whereas other website providers can cost thousands for development, hosting and membership. It's amazing value for money and there are no transaction fees on the Wix shop feature either - whoop whoop!

Extensive guides and help service

In this day and age, it's quite easy to look up YouTube videos to help resolve issues with websites, and this is always a great way to increase your own knowledge as well as answer those website conundrums. But what if you can't find the answer on your own?

One of the things I love the most about being a Wix website developer is their personal support service. The Wix support team are not hidden or unreachable; you simply join a live chat session via your log in, or log a support ticket and can get a personal response to your query. There are also extensive guides and tutorials available directly through your Wix dashboard and help centre.

Side note, if you are one of our Eastop-Scopes Virtual Assistants' website clients (past or present) with a Wix site, you can benefit from priority response times. As a developer, the Wix central team are on hand to help analyse SEO, determine faults and resolve queries either by phone or email personally once I submit a ticket on behalf of my clients.

Get off to a good SEO start

Whether you are developing individual webpages or updating your site overall, Wix guides you through how to give your website the very best SEO possible without having to pay for additional plugins or support. Organic SEO will never be able to compete against PPC (pay-per-click ads such as Google ads) like-for-like, but Wix gives you a head-start whilst encouraging good habits.

Things to consider about a Wix website.

Wix websites are not for everyone, and whilst I am a true champion of the positives Wix websites can bring to small business owners looking to have an online presence, Wix may not be the right fit for all. Here are some important considerations:

  • As mentioned, Wix websites will never be as all-encompassing and SEO recognised as some Wordpress options available. But this is why they are priced much more affordably in comparison. Google have recently updated their stance on Wix SEO making it much more likely to be found in Google results; bridging the gap between Wordpress and Wix SEO.

  • Once you have decided on a template, although you can change everything about it, you cannot change the template itself. This has never been a problem for me or my clients as so many features are changeable, to such a degree that you can completely change the look and feel of your Wix website, without the need to change a template. BUT, if you are the type of person who regularly changes business ideas, missions, target markets, etc, then you need to consider if you will be wanting a big overhaul every-so-often.

  • One of the benefits of having a Wordpress website is that you can pick your own hosting, etc as every element is purchased separately. This is good for those that want to be able to control every element of their site. With Wix, everything is included in your annual fee - hosting, uptime, updates, the site, security, etc. You can even get your email address and domain included depending on your package. Whilst I think this is a huge positive for those who don't want to be sourcing everything separately, it may be something to consider for those who would like to source independent deals for each element.

Who does a Wix website suit?

Wix websites tend to suit those who have just started their business journey or are a small-medium mid-range business. This is because Wix websites are perfect for:

  • Start ups

  • Small online stores when using the ecommerce option

  • Those wanting a "shop window" site as an online base/ CV without the need to be finding clients using their website alone

  • Busy entrepreneurs and business owners where the one-stop-shop aspect of Wix saves time and money

  • Those with a smaller budget that still want to pack a digital punch!

What next?

If you would like to find out more about how we can support you and your business by developing, updating or rebranding a Wix website, you can contact us here.

We'll talk you through everything, support you every step of the way and provide free training for every website we create so that you have full control.


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