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  • Sophie Eastop-Scopes

Why is blogging important for your business?

No matter what size your business is, blogging is always beneficial. It’s a great way to establish clout within your intended industry as well as a building trust and credibility with your audience.

What should you blog about?

Posting topics which resonate with your target market, showing your knowledge and demonstrating your expertise within the industry; allow you to market your skills within your business as well as promoting your service/product too. The more you can show you are well-educated within your industry, the higher chance of capturing your audience’s attention. They can then learn through your blogs that they can trust you to supply them with what they need.

What should I include in my blogs?

Blogging enables you to increase your SEO (search engine optimisation); which helps your business to be seen and found. Keep this in mind when writing your blogs - if you use key terms and topics that interest your ideal client, you’re more likely to be seen by them. Google, the dominant search engine, will show results based on found key terms and search terms. You want to match as many of these (in a relevant and authentic way) as much as possible.

The keywords and topics you use within your blog play a significant part for search engines in finding your site; which will lead to higher views specifically within your target market audience. The more people that see what you can do, the more likely you are to capture the attention of those who will hire you/ purchase your products.

Consider creating a list of keywords, categories and topics relatable to your business and your audience so that you can use these to structure and influence in your blogs.

As small business owners we need to develop a strong marketing strategy; and knowing what to include in our blog writing is a really important part of this.

Utilise your time

Blogging is so important for your business, but I also know that us small business owners have little time. There are a few ways you can utilise your time to ensure you blog regularly.

  1. Repurpose your blog content as social media content that you can split into differing posts on social media.

  2. Outsource your blog writing - if you don’t have time to write blogs for your business, don’t miss out on the importance of it. Find a copywriter who can fly with your company and write regular blogs for you.

  3. Write little and often so that you have a catalogue of regular blogs you can add to your website.

Do you want more information on how blogging can help your business?


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