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How to get the most out of your Eastop-Scopes Virtual Assistants Training Session

We want our clients to maximise their training sessions. All sessions are time capped and so to make the most use of the time available, here are some handy preparation tips. Please note, training is booked and charged by the hour, so the advice below is made in mind of having the hour(s) for training, rather than preparation/ admin.

If you have any questions before or after your training session, please do contact your trainer for advice.

Test your log in details

It is always best to test your log ins for the social media platforms we are training on before your session. Please do not rely on automatic log ins. It’s much easier for you to reset passwords and test log ins before a training session, than waste time during your session having to create new passwords or look up old ones.

Have content prepared

If your training includes scheduling content, please have some content pre-prepared for scheduling. This is most commonly an image, copy (text) and, if relevant, a link to guide your audience to. You do not need to worry about hashtags if you are not confident about this, as I can advise which hashtags to add during your training session.

Be sure of what you want to learn

You may be sent a pre-training questionnaire. If so, please do complete with enough time that your answers can be looked at by your trainer, and your session adjusted in advance as per your answers. It’s also a really good idea to note any questions you have before the session and to send them over to your trainer with 24-48hours notice. This will help ensure your training expectations are met (time and understanding dependant).

Have access to the software being used

Our training sessions at Eastop-Scopes Virtual Assistants cover a range of software, websites and platforms depending on your training preferences. This will be discussed with you during your pre-training call and confirmed in an email sent prior to your training session(s). It saves a lot of time in your session if you can create log ins before your session. You do not need to complete the set up of any platforms/profiles (unless advised by your trainer otherwise) but have a ready-made log in and verifying your email address before a training session can mean the time you have can be spent learning how to use the software rather than with the admin/ set up.

Be ready to train

Whether you are feeling unwell, have had a personal dilemma or have had brain fog for a week, it’s very important that you feel ready to train before your session. You will take in much more if you feel motivated and are not distracted.

This doesn’t just mean being ready mentally and physically for your training session, but also practically.

If you have booked an online training session, please check you are confident and able to use Zoom independently. If you are not confident, please practice sharing your screen before the session as this is a key element needed as part of the training. This is especially important is using a MAC computer as some devices block the sharing via Zoom depending on your privacy settings.

Additional consideration for in-person training sessions

If you have booked an in-person training session, please ensure you are happy that the location is suitable. We can book a meeting room in a location close to you if wanted, but please note this will incur an additional fee. Most of our training sessions are hosted at our client’s homes to make sure you feel comfortable and confident and have access to all the devices and information you would normally so that the training is completely bespoke to how you work. Whilst an environment that encourages focus and learning is ideal, please remember that children and pets are welcome. Juggling a small business is difficult, and I am here to make it easier for you, so you are under no obligation or need to remove children or pets from your home for the session.

It is also worth noting that if you are having an in-person training session, we operate a COVID safe practice and ask that a lateral flow test is taken on the morning of your training session(s). We are also happy to wear masks and use gloves if operating your devices during the session, as preferred.

We hope this is helpful to prepare for your training session with us at Eastop-Scopes Virtual Assistants.

If you have any questions contact us here, or you can find out more about our training sessions here.


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