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  • Sophie Eastop-Scopes

Why outsource to us?

Are you considering outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant? There are lots of differing types of support available, and lots of different reasons why you may be considering to outsource. Here I discuss why you may consider outsourcing, and what makes us fab at Eastop-Scopes Virtual Assistants.

Work smarter, not harder

Time is precious and so how you use it is important. Often business owners are so caught up in working in their business that they have no time to grow it or work on their business. It also depends on what you enjoy. Outsourcing the bits you find challenging or don’t enjoy in your business can really help you work smarter. It can also help your mood and motivation, as you’ll have more time for doing the bits you love; and that was probably the reason you started your own business in the first place! It’s time to get a plan in place and work smarter, not harder.

Knowledge and experience

From degrees, experience, webinars and 400+ strong support groups; not only am I extremely proud of the achievements that have led to where I am today; but the team I have to support me are fantastic.

We work hard to ensure that our combined experience, skills set and knowledge is demonstrated through all we do and all we accomplish.

You can find out more about our experience and knowledge via our About page.


It sounds a bit cringy but the truth is, we love what we do at Eastop-Scopes Virtual Assistants. When associates are recruited they are asked what their favourite topics and industries are, and we try and match clients as best as possible with their preferences; ensuring our team remain motivated.

Personally, I am hugely passionate about organic reach, training accessibility and making services as affordable to small businesses as possible. It is why we have a range of differing packages to suit all businesses needs, and why we don’t offer marketing and social media services that are PPC based (Pay per click based, such as social media ads or Google ads).

It’s not that I don’t understand the importance of such initiatives; quite the contrary; but I am a big believer that you build anything you want to stand the test of time from the ground up. Understanding how to get the most of your social media organically is the necessary foundation needed for all businesses using social media. Get your strategy right organically, and further marketing will work a treat!

It is also really important to remember that we genuinely understand what a leap of trust taking on a Virtual Assistant is for any business owner. As a team we are passionate advocates of the businesses we work with. I have worked hard to create a culture within Eastop-Scopes Virtual Assistants that ensures every member of the team cares about our clients as if they were part of the business’ leadership teams. I know what it means to bring people in to work on your business “baby” and our care for your business extends beyond the tasks you entrust us with.

Peace of mind

Trust is a big thing when you are outsourcing elements of your business to others. To make the process easier for you (fingers crossed!) we can reassure clients that we are registered with the ICO and fully insured, meaning the work Eastop-Scopes Virtual Assistants do for you is fully protected; and so are you and your business.

We are also proudly vetted and recommended by Epsom and Ewell Families, and appear in their directory; as well as having many testimonials from genuine clients across social media platforms and Google. It is important to us at Eastop-Scopes Virtual Assistants that our clients have peace of mind when outsourcing to us and know that we are a company that can be trusted.

Our working ethic

There is a reason we work with small businesses; because we are one! We pride ourselves on our honest and flexible approach to working; ensuring the services we provide your company are done so with the utmost integrity.

We are not a big corporation, nor do we work for huge scale clients. The aim of ESVAs was always to provide support for small businesses as a small business ourselves and this is a concept I am very passionate about. Such working culture and an honest approach to the tasks we do for small businesses is detailed to all Associates who work with us so that we can ensure a consistent working ethic and culture.

Our pricing is realistic, fair and affordable, and the advice we give is unbiased and with an aim that any service we provide should always excel expectations. I understand that small businesses have a lot to contend with in order to survive today’s market, and we are there to help them thrive and offer support. We can be the difference between a mum being able to eat with her kids, or having too much on that she can’t spare the time. We are not into making fat cats fatter, we are all about supporting dreams and putting food on the table for families just like ours; and it is this stand point that heavily influences our working culture and work ethic.

So if you are looking to outsource to a Virtual Assistant, I hope this have given you a little insight into why Eastop-Scopes Virtual Assistants could be of help.

Contact us today for a free chat about how we can help with your business journey.


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