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  • Sophie Eastop-Scopes

12 days of Christmas - Virtual Assistant (VA) style

Everyone loves a Christmas tune! Or do they? (TBC)

I've done my own spin on the fab 12 days of Christmas tune with a VA nugget of wisdom every day.

So....(drum roll please)....

On the first day of Christmas my VA gave to me... a Supportive Business Buddy!

A Virtual Assistant is so much more than someone to work for you. We work alongside you, with you and championing you. I genuinely care about all the companies I work with; and hiring a VA is much more than outsourcing. You have yourself your very own business buddy!

On the second day of Christmas my VA gave to me... Two hours to myself.

When you outsource work to a VA you are not just getting someone elses abilities to work on your business, but also time. By passing on tasks to a VA you give yourself the gift of time.

Now what to do with those hours...

On the third day of Christmas my VA gave to me... Three blog posts.

Did you know we have social media packages and stand-alone blog writing packages available at Eastop-Scopes Virtual Assistants?

Blogs are a great way of increasing your website's SEO, as well as giving you content ideas for social media and letting your expertise shine. They also make a great addition to newsletters!

On the fourth day of Christmas my VA gave to me... Four training sessions!

When I started out I was dumbfounded by the expense of being able to upskill as a self-employed person. Courses in social media, CRM systems, marketing and more were ridiculously expensive to someone who wasn't earning an income at the time. There are so many lovely courses available at reasonable prices nowadays that it's wonderful to see so many people taking the leap into self employment because they have gained confidence from the variety of training programmes available.

At Eastop-Scopes we offer training sessions on literally every service we provide- from social media platforms, all the way to softwares like Canva, Hubspot, Mailchimp and more. We can also offer bespoke training delivered to exactly what you are looking to gain expertise in.

All training sessions come with a how-to guide, summary and free refresher training. If there's an area of your business you think we could help you develop, please do contact me to discover what training we have offer.

On the fifth day of Christmas my VA gave to me... five festive Facebook tips.

Want a little tip on how to make Facebook work well for you?

Click here to read our latest blog on my top 5 tips for making Facebook work well for your business.

On the sixth day of Christmas my VA gave to me... Six Stress-Free Planning Hours. Jees we can pack in a lot when we need to eh! Pre-Christmas I was client calling, networking, social media sorting, working, Christmas and birthday shopping and a whole heap of extra-ness - and that's without the fun of being a mum and wife chucked in for good measure!

Running your own business can be tough. but the bliss of having a VA by your side is that you have someone dedicated to your business that you can outsource to. From online ordering, general admin, invoice chasing, social media planning and more, as a VA I work with you, for your business' success- freeing up your time to use on whatever you wish! Use them to plan the next post-COVID party, how to grow your business and/or plan the me-time that is VERY overdue! Whatever you use yours for, we're here to help.

On the seventh day of Christmas my VA gave to me... Seven Social Media Posts.

At Eastop-Scopes Virtual Assistant we offer everything from training, content creation, idea generation and full social media management.

On the eighth day of Christmas my VA gave to me... Eight Instagram Stories.

And oh yes we can! Our Instagram social media packages and strategies always include stories (and you can hop on their too and let your followers see you!). Instagram stories is a great bridge between having your social media outsourced whilst keeping in touch with your followers. Many of my clients have their content created by us, but their stories stay their own so that they can keep a close connection with their followers. It's a great strategy for those less camera shy.

On the ninth day of Christmas my VA gave to me... Nine Newsletters

Whilst usually only up to 5% of our social media following see our content (crap isn't it!) - between 40-60% of our mailing lists read/ open our emails and newsletters. Don't miss the trick that newsletters bring. Need help creating your newsletter?

Click here to contact us today.

You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter by clicking here.

On the tenth day of Christmas my VA gave to me... Ten Research Reports!

Research takes a while! Don't you just wish you could pose a question to someone about your industry/ market/ future business idea and that they would confidentiality provide you with a report that has all the answers.

A report that could also be used to source funding and supporters if needed?


Introducing Eastop-Scopes Virtual Assistants - here to do exactly that for you! All the answers, with none of the hassle. Now that's what I call a Christmas treat!

On the eleventh day of Christmas my VA gave to me... Eleven Appointment bookings. ✔️ Full diary management

✔️ Appointment scheduling and follow up

✔️ A full PA service

There's no need for you to miss out on work whilst you are out working. Let your VA provide a full PA service remotely.

On the twelfth day of Christmas my VA gave to me... Twelve Christmas Cheers (for the end of a shitty year)!

2020 was pants wasn't it?! But it's finally time to focus on what's up ahead! I'm really excited to get back to working with my lovely clients after some time off for Christmas, and to make the most of what I have learnt this past 12 months.

Wishing you all an amazing 2021.

Want to know more about the services we offer after reading our 12 days of Christmas? Click here to contact us.


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