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  • Sophie Eastop-Scopes

Five Facebook Tips

If you run a small business, navigating your way around Facebook and how to make the best use of it can be daunting.

Here's my top 5 tips to making your Facebook business page work for you:

1) How's your profile looking?

It sounds basic, but if your profile is confusing then you've got no hope. Spend some time thinking about your description, your profile picture and cover photo. Are you in sync with your other profiles? More importantly - is Facebook even a platform that you should be on?

2) Would you like your content?

Create content that people want to engage with. You aim for comments and shares. Video is best, or pop on an image with some text to brighten up your words. Personal promotes so don't be afraid to let your audience know more about the person behind the business!

3) It's all about engagement

Your content is on point and there are comments galore - woohoo! But where the hell are you?! Make sure you respond to every comment left on your posts - it's SO important to let your audience know that you are there (and important that Facebook knows that you are active too!).

4) Consistency is key!

You do not need to post every day, or even on the same days every week, but a consistency of the number of posts per week and the times you post really does help your post reach. Develop a consistent strategy that works for you and around your commitments.

5) Keep an eye on your insights

You don't need to guess when your audience is online - it's all available through insights on Facebook. You can see what posts are more popular, what times and when your audience is most online. Take some time to study your insights and keep and eye on them regularly - things can change (take 2020 for example!) and it's good to know what is and isn't working.

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