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  • Darcy S - Eastop-Scopes Virtual Assistants Associate

How to empower yourself as a small business owner

To find fulfilment in your work and ultimately create a thriving business, self-empowerment is essential. No matter what stage you're at, you will experience challenges every day, each of which will require confidence to resolve. That’s why it's important to build your confidence and competence to be able to prepare yourself for whatever comes your way and help your business grow and reach its potential.

Feeling more empowered in business will reduce your stress levels, improve your relationships and ensure your business is aligned with your purpose.

Here are 3 top tips on how to empower yourself as a small business owner and bring out the best in yourself and your business.

1) Collaborate with others

Personal empowerment can come from the support and advice of others. Surround yourself with people who boost your self-esteem and believe in your superpowers, whether that's from family, friends, colleagues or even business mentors.

Empowering yourself also means having the confidence to ask for help when you need it. As a business owner, you can’t be expected to manage all parts of your business efficiently all the time, as well as having the capabilities to steer around obstacles when they arise.

ESVA offers bespoke business support and marketing services to take away every day stresses, so you can focus on doing what you’re best at.

2) Ensure you are visible

Being visible online not only enables you to attract more customers to your business, it helps grow your confidence as a business owner, highlighting your credibility and expertise in your field.

Social media marketing isn’t going anywhere and businesses that succeed know how to get it right. The right message on the right channels to engage their audience and convert sales. ESVA supports business owners with social media training to build their confidence and online presence.

Get in touch if you would like our help to put you and your business out there. Running a business is hard work and you deserve to be seen!

3) Respect your time

In business, time is a precious resource. Respecting your own time as a business owner is vitally important to achieving a work/life balance and growing your business in a healthy manner. Focus on prioritisation and ensure you’re working smarter not harder to get the best results.

Get clarity on your business priorities and clearly define your time on each one. Reduce distractions that take you away from reaching your goals. At ESVA, we help business owners improve their efficiency, providing admin support that allows them to focus on running and growing their business. Find out more here.

Don't forget the importance of allocating time to professional development and self care either. Respecting your time also means respecting the need for it to benefit you and your business when needed.


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