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  • Sophie Eastop-Scopes

What trends do you need to be aware of on social media in 2023?

A new year is here and with it comes social media changes, new trends and strategic developments. So, what trends do with think are going to take flight in 2023, and are you ready to get your social media platforms working for you? Here are my top 5 trends I think all small business owners need to know for the coming year…

Authenticity will always be a winning formula.

The past year has seen a big trend to copy, mash-up and reinvent existing content. With TikTok trends and trending audio clips helping to boost organic reach. However, with authenticity always being a big thing on social media, the art of the copy-cat may not be as big in 2023 and I can see the personal, authentic and “vlog” type videos taking the lead in the coming year. I always recommend focusing on 3 main types of content to help keep it authentic: Inspiring content, Educational Content and Entertaining content.

For more information and advise on how to build an authentic social media strategy, contact us today.

Video wins.

If you’re on Instagram and not producing reels you will no by now that your organic growth will be hindered. This is ok. For some, social media is an essential tool, but not always one where growth is a must, but if you need to grow your audience and are looking to focus on organic growth, video and reels are the way to go. One good thing though, if you take time to create a reel, remember you can download it and then also post on TikTok, Facebook reels or as a YouTube short video. This means you utilise your time spent. You can also do this with reels created in Canva rather than in Instagram directly. Just pay attention to music licenses.

Did you know we provide training on social media, Canva and reels? You can find out more here.

The rise of the TikTok contenders.

We’ve noticed this past year a real surge in competing platforms releasing features to contend with TikTok’s growth in popularity. It’s lead to the reel takeover on Instagram (not one I am personally keen on, but one I think we are going to have to accept I’m afraid), the introduction of Facebook reels (which can be pre-scheduled so not all bad) and the increase in popularity for YouTube shorts. YouTube in particular can generate a much wider reach due to it’s direct link with Google searches, and so if video is your thing, make sure you are posting across multiple platforms.

Develop a winning strategy to utilise your time with our support. Book in a consultation with Sophie Eastop-Scopes today. You can find out more here.

LinkedIn’s time to shine.

If video isn’t your thing, LinkedIn could be your new home. I’ve always liked LinkedIn personally (and professionally). It’s like networking online but not as formal and you get to suss someone out. I tend to ignore my inbox though as for some reason those with an art of selling, have missed the art of conversation and my inbox is a wash of sales patter and “must-not-be-missed opportunities.”

Aside from the inbox though, I like LinkedIn. I like how you are encouraged to celebrate your business wins, to connect with those you do and don’t know, and to recommend those you have worked with. A place for corporate, freelancers, CEOs and everything in-between, you can make connections, encourage leads and convert followers. And the best bit – you don’t have to use video to win on this platform. Conversation, expertise and want to build a network are a winning LinkedIn formula.

If you’d like to know more about working with LinkedIn or developing a LinkedIn strategy, contact us today.

Longer form content is here to stay.

There’s been a big push on the death of long form content (longer captions and videos) and a rise in short form content (30sec reels, YouTube Short videos and short, snappy captions). With a demand to change social media strategy to short form content, I pushed back last year and encouraged all my clients to stick to a mix of shorter and longer form content, and I intend to do the same this year.

Whilst short form content is great for bigger brand names that don’t need to work particularly hard to grow or reach their audience, if you’re building a small business presence it is essential to continue with long form content. Long form content helps to create a deeper relationship you’re your followers and connections. It helps your audience to get to know you, they then have the opportunity to like you, which in turn build trust, and helps convert followers to customers and clients.

So, for me, long form content is here to stay and should be used in a combined strategy with short form content. Build relationships and trust through longer captions, storytelling and educational videos, complemented with short and snappy content that sends a message without needing a lot of attention.

We hope our predicted trends help you to develop a winning social media plan, but if you would still like some more support and guidance, contact us today for more information.

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