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  • Sophie Eastop-Scopes

Will Your Socials Trend in 2022?

The digital world, and social media, is constantly updating, changing and progressing; but are you?

One of the main reasons we get business' outsourcing their social media to us is because we stay up to date with the trends, changes and expectations differing social media platforms have; ensuring our clients content is always as preferred.

With 2022 here, it's a great time to check how you are using your social media, and making sure your plan of action for the year ahead is one that supports you and your business; making it worth the time and effort.

Here are our top 5 trends for 2022 to keep an eye on when creating social media content (as of January 2022).


I see so many company's posting for the sake of posting. We all know consistency is key, but how many posts you write should be dependant on the content you have available and your daily routine. Make a consistent posting schedule fit into what you can do, so that you are not wracking your brains for random posts just so that you can post every day.

Creating authentic content is key for making your socials successful in 2022. Unauthentic, brand-ridden, link busy content is outdated and will never lead to conversion. Make sure you content shows who you are, what you do and, most importantly, why you do it. Your business means something; to you, your clients and your community- so make sure everyone knows it!

Inclusivity and Values

A great way to create authentic content is to focus on what matters to you. Now more than ever before, social audiences are calling for sustainable, inclusive and socially aware businesses to practice what they preach. If you are banging on about how important your local community is, but you are doing nothing to show this, your credibility is going to take a nose-dive. Use your socials to demonstrate your values, morals and beliefs.


Ok, so the past few years have been challenging to say the least, and whilst humans connect with human emotion, lets remember the benefits of being positive in our approach, Mentioning hardships is absolutely fine (and authentic) but don't forget to shout about the positives, successes, opportunities and strengths. Positivity breeds positivity and your online experience will hugely benefit from an upbeat take on what lies ahead.

Video killed the radio star

Video continues to be a trending content across numerous social media platforms. Instagram reels, YouTube shorts and videos, and TikTok videos continue to dominate the algorithm. Camera shy? Don't worry, you can still make algorithm-loving video content with images. Remember, if you need help creating video content you can contact us here; we can transform your static content into video; or teach you how to do it yourself.


Do you know your audience? It's all good and well spending time on creating content you enjoy and like, but does it resonate with your social audience? Market research (contact us if you need help with this) can help you create engaging content; as can polls, questionnaires and newsletters; all fantastic ways to get an insight into what your audience actually wants to see. You can then produce relevant recommendations, tips and offers; building authentic engagement, reach and credibility.

So there are our top 5 things to look out for when creating content for 2022. Wishing you a fantastic year ahead, and we can help in any way, do contact us at here.

Need help with your social media? Find out more about our social media services here.


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