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  • Darcy S - Eastop-Scopes Virtual Assistants Associate

The Importance of using insights to inform your social media decisions

Do you ever wonder what's the method behind the madness in the social media world? The secret lies in the numbers...

We live in an age of big data where everyone has access to information at their fingertips. The explosion of emerging technologies, smartphones and social media in the last decade has changed how businesses market themselves and interact with their customers online and in the real world.

Understanding the online behaviours of your customer, especially on social media, is crucial in today’s digital world to stay relevant, credible and memorable as a business in the eyes of your customer.

So what are insights?

Insights are used by businesses to gain a deeper understanding of how their audience thinks, feels and behaves. Insights can cover a range of areas including demographics like age and gender, as well as topics of interest and affinity towards brands, products and services.

A social media insight is as a consumer insight from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

Your social media page insights can show your page reach and what posts are and are not reaching your audience; which are essential when developing social media strategy.

Why is understanding insights important for my social media strategy

With social media, it’s not only important to understand who your customers are and how they feel about certain topics to help you market your services, but also when and in what format you should be posting content to land your message at the right place, at the right time.

Analysis of social media data helps you to better understand what customers want and identify new needs and preferences, as well as avoiding additional costs in market research.

How can I use insights to improve my performance on social media and grow my business?

You can analyse and use insights to help you:

  1. Determine post popularity and what topics and formats are better perceived by your audience - is video doing better? Are personal posts getting more engagement? What types of posts are performing well?

  2. Determine audience growth - how have my followers increased this month/quarter/year?

  3. Understand moments of consumption and determine time for posting to optimise communication and offers - when is the best time to get the greatest reach?

  4. Better understand consumer profiles to improve targeting for paid ads and organic content

  5. Identify promising trends in your industry to optimise content marketing

  6. Benchmark against your competitors, avoid pitfalls and attract customers with a differentiated message

Where do you go for meaningful insights on your social media marketing?

When it comes to social media analysis, there are many tools out there to help you measure performance and inform your strategy.

The social media networks have their own analytics toolkits such as Facebook Insights, Instagram Insights, Twitter Analytics and LinkedIn Analytics. There’s also paid-for and free platforms such as Buffer Analyze, Later, Zoho Social and Hootsuite.

At Eastop-Scopes Virtual Assistants we can help you navigate insights with our social media guides as well as our market research services to help you better understand your customer and the opportunities available for your business.

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At Eastop-Scopes Virtual Assistants we offer social media support, management and training. Contact us here for more information.


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