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  • Darcy S - Eastop-Scopes Virtual Assistants Associate

What is Medium and should I be using it?

Businesses have been increasingly using Medium for their content marketing, sharing valuable content on topics related to their business. But what is Medium and is it the right platform to reach your audience?

Read on to learn why Medium could be the right platform for your business.

What is Medium?

Medium is best described as a a blogging platform. They describe themselves as 'an open platform where readers find dynamic thinking, and where expert and undiscovered voices can share their writing on any topic'.

Medium is a popular publishing platform for high quality, long form content and is used by many founders, CEOs, and thought leaders across industries to amplify their business and their personal brand.

If you are already publishing content on your company’s blog, posting on Medium gives your content an additional chance to create more engagement. Likewise if you don’t have a website yet or it’s under construction, Medium can help you build your online presence.

Should I be using the platform?

Sharing content on Medium allows you to position yourself and your business as a credible voice in your industry.

Medium is built to prioritise high-quality content over the popularity of the author, so if you’re creating content related to your audience’s interests and trending topics on Medium, you could be driving valuable traffic to your website. Technology, marketing, personal development, startup business and entrepreneurship are all popular topics on Medium.

People also arrive at the platform after discovering a piece of content they have found elsewhere and then stick around to see what more there is to learn. If people read your content to the end and add claps (Medium’s version of the Like button), then your article could become a popular piece of content and be recommended on the site.

Medium is a great platform for writers to showcase their storytelling talents and is becoming quite the go-to place for copywriters, bloggers, authors, coaches, content writers and more.

How do I improve my use of Medium?

If you’re considering Medium as a channel to increase engagement, consider what you could add to the conversation on topics that are valuable to your ideal customer. Find out what they read or share on Twitter or Facebook and become part of the conversation. By identifying key questions from the perspective of your customer, you build an effective content strategy and boost your SEO.

Always add links to your website and social media channels in your posts so people can access more of your content and learn more about your business. Likewise, you should direct social media followers to Medium to boost engagement.

The most important metric on Medium is the reading time - people who read your article to the end - so if you want to build the credibility of your business through informative and educational content, then Medium could be the platform for you.


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