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  • Sophie Eastop-Scopes

Reduce stress and juggle effectively!

With lockdown meaning many of us are juggling our work, home-life and home-schooling, ensuring your time is managed effectively is even more important!

It can be hard to concentrate on the task in hand when you have a lot on.

Here are my top three tips to avoid feeling overwhelmed:

1) Keep a To-Do List.

This doesn’t have to be your run-of-the-mill list.

To prioritise your work you could divide your list into segments to form an Urgent/Important Matrix.

Here you would split work into tasks that fit into one of the following four categories: - Important & urgent - Important & non-urgent - Not important & urgent - Not important & non-urgent.

However you choose to layer your list, having one helps limit stress by having the visual assurance of ticking tasks off as you go along.

2) Focus On One Thing At a Time

It can be tempting to cast your eyes over your to-do list and find ways to save yourself some time by undertaking perhaps two, or even three, tasks at once.

Cutting corners can be enticing, but this will only make you feel even more overwhelmed.

Stay focused on one task at a time and you will achieve meaningful results.

3) Regularly Review and Check Your Priorities

Make sure your routine is up to date with your life; things can change very quickly, making our priorities change too. To keep on top of your tasks you will need to keep on top of your planning. This will ultimately ensure that you can be organised, productive and composed in everything you are having to juggle.

If in doubt, always seek help and support.

Sophie Eastop-Scopes

Co-Author, Editor and Contributor - Jodie Eastop


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