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  • Sophie Eastop-Scopes

My Lockdown Listening

I’m used to working at home and at a distance from my clients- it comes as part and parcel of being a Virtual Assistant. And so podcasts and videos have long been a part of my working routine.

I’ll often put on a favourite podcast, radio station or YouTube video to listen to in the background whilst working. Many are also responsible for influencing the ways I work, practices I promote and how I view the business world.

At present a huge proportion of the UK are homeworking and developing their home working practices due to the COVID-19 pandemic; and part of this new world we find ourselves in involves finding a way of working from home that works for you.

Some need silence, but some (like me) need background noise, and so I’d like to champion my 5 fave podcasts that I am currently listening to, in case it helps your homeworking routine (or sanity!).

In no particular order we start with…

I found the wonders of TechPixies when attending the Kingston Business Expo in 2019. A little of an Expo novice at that point I nervously approached the first stall that smiled at me – and that was Joy’s.

Joy Foster, founder of TechPixies, also spoke at the Expo and it was truly inspirational to listen to her entrepreneur journey, and the well-deserved success that the company have had so far.

TechPixies empower women by educating them in a number of digital marketing areas; including their award-winning social media courses. Their podcast is yet another celebration of expertise and small businesses; from interviews with business consultants, freelancers and more.

To listen to the Sparkle and Thrive podcast click here

Anyone who knows me knows I am a BIG film buff! Love them! Love getting lost in films, learning from films and being awe-inspired by those who create such artistry.

So, to say I enjoy The Filmmakers Podcast is a tad of an understatement!

Giles Alderson and the team create a film fanatics’ audio haven about how to make films.

Discussing everything from studio films to micro budget films- some of the greats are interviewed on how to make the best productions (and how not to!). Not only is it a fab listen for anyone studying or wanting to get into the film industry; but it’s so interesting to hear of all the hard work and inner workings that go on behind the scenes of the films that capture our imaginations.

And better still a new episode is released every Tuesday!

To listen to the latest offering from The Filmmakers Podcast head here

On the My Digital Doorstep Podcast Daniel Haynes talks to the people behind the business’ we all see on social media.

Dan owns a fabulous small events company, Bounceagogo, and picks his guests from those that pop up in the Bounceagogo news feed.

In Dan’s own words, he scratches beneath the surface of these posts in order to tell the fantastic stories of the everyday people setting up and running their businesses; uncovering those on our (Digital) doorsteps.

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Dan for an episode of My Digitial Doorstep and seeing his genuine passion and interest in small business owners make me an even bigger fan.

If you’re looking for a real, non-filtered look into local business owners then I definitely recommend this podcast! You can listen to the latest episodes from Dan at My Digital Doorstep here

And now for a more personal fave.

Becoming a mum was a life changing event for me, like it is for all. I lost who I was, then found who I was. I laughed, cried and learned; and had moments of such profound loneliness that I wondered if anyone had ever had the same experience.

This beautifully hosted podcast offers a window into birthing experiences of all kinds and differing journeys into parenthood.

Giovanna’s podcast sheds light on so many different stories that there is something relatable for everyone; and something so comforting in hearing your own experiences echoed through the words of others.

From Prue Leith to Alesha Dixon, The Duchess of Cambridge to Jessie Ware; step-mums, dads, first time mums to rainbow babies! There is just so much love, fear and courage in the interviews featured, that for me it is a definite go to for any parent.

You can find Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast episode on YouTube or here

Certainly my most serious and focused business podcast in my fave five, but a regular listen for me.

I was introduced to the Harvard Business Review and their podcast during my degree studies with The Open University. I soon became a big fan of the Harvard Business Review; often sharing, commenting and discussing their articles online. I find it a valuable resource and their podcast, for me, is no different.

It’s not that their topics of conversation are necessarily something I always agree with, but they are certainly leaders in providing thought-provoking material.

HBR IdeaCast is a weekly podcast featuring the leading thinkers in business and management; aimed at entrepreneurs and those with an interest in business management and leadership. Hosted by Alison Beard and Curt Nickisch, the podcast has most recently included discussions on the current expectations hauled upon working parents; how to manage in a crisis and reflected on the practices of well-known leaders.

If you are interested in the inner workings of business management then I would recommend giving HBR IdeaCast a listen. You can find the latest episodes here


So that is my favourite five podcast recommendations.

This is in no way an exhaustive list of the podcasts I listen to- there are so many fantastic ones out there at the moment, and so many available for different purposes. Some education-focused, others promote people and businesses; and some provide pure entertainment.

I would love to discover more podcasts so please do let me know in the comments of any you have been featured in, champion or listen to yourself.

Virtual Assistant and Social Media Consultant


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