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  • Sophie Eastop-Scopes

Keeping Productive!

Do you often get distracted and put things off that you really need to do?

Procrastination can be your own worst enemy; especially when time is tight! May of us are juggling lots of responsibilities; meaning time is even more precious!

To beat procrastination, here are my top three tips:

1) Prevent Common Disruptions Schedule your daily working hours and think about any unexpected disruptions that may pop up in your day. Choose which of these instances you will allow to interrupt your work.

A call from your child’s school? Yes.

A call from your Mum arranging lunch? Probably not.

If you wouldn’t answer in the office; don’t do it from home.

2) Tackle The Things You Normally Put Off First There are some tasks that we all dread. Getting those out of the way first will lift a burden, motivate you and prevent these tasks from becoming more long winded and drawn out than they need to be.

By doing this, you may even start to enjoy tasks you once made every effort to avoid.

3) Know Yourself! If you find yourself repeatedly getting distracted easily, or perhaps not ‘feeling it’, give yourself a break. Take time to find your own way to get motivated and then come back at it.

Hold yourself to account, be honest and stay positive.

Sophie Eastop-Scopes

Co-Author, Editor and Contributor - Jodie Eastop


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