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Social Media

The social media support offered can include as much or as little as you and your business need. 

Post calendars and content refer to the creation of posts that will appear on your social media sites; tailored to your target audience and using a variety of formats.

Organic reach refers to building your following (reach) across social media for free (organically); as in without the use of paid ads or quick-fix schemes. This method takes longer but builds a genuine and loyal following; essential for your business' social media viability.

Lead generation refers to finding out potential clients, customers and partners using social media contacts, followers and research. This can be particularly beneficial when looking to collaborate with others, e.g. for events, or to build a direct-sales network.

Examples of social media services provided:

  • Email management & monitoring

  • Profile creation

  • Profile management

  • General maintenance, e.g. profile design and updates

  • Events (creation and promotion)

  • Weekly/ Monthly statistical reports 

  • Associated digital marketing and creative design

  • All related social media tasks

  • Post Calendars  

  • Content design

  • Engagement Strategy & growth 

  • Genuine following development

  • Lead generation

  • Online networking 

Social media platforms include:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • LinkedIn

  • Google My Business

  • YouTube

Please note that the list of tasks featured on this page are in no way exhaustive.


If you have a particular enquiry, or if you would like to discuss your social media needs, please contact me here.

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